Episode 8 – The Comeback Kid

Tiger Woods shocked the world on Sunday with an amazing cap to his recent redemption story. Maybe your wife didn’t chase you out of the house with a golf club, but perhaps we all have our own version of life events that seemed to spiral out of control to a dark place. How do we start on that journey back to where we want to be? Join us as we talk about Tiger’s epic rise and fall to how he took the path of becoming an inspiring comeback story this past week.

Episode 1 – We Were Almost to the Finishline

Have you ever invested a ton of time, energy, and resources into a goal or idea that fell apart at the last minute? How do you process knowing when to pursue on or let go of an idea that simply isn’t the right timing? We’re going to talk about a recent event that happened in our lives and how you navigate confusing circumstances when they arrive in life.