Episode 20 – Boys to Men

We all learned from the examples (or lack thereof) set before us growing up on what it means to be a man. We all now live in a society so desperate to reframe our definition. It can sometimes be confusing on what exactly we’re supposed to be doing. No matter where you are in the journey of life, your example is being created by every action and word you speak. Learn how significant this is and use it to make an impact!

Episode 17 – Learn From Your Enemies

Did you get so comfortable with your enemies that they are the new normal for you? Reframe what is the acceptable normal for you and learn how to identify the things that trigger your inability to remain consistent – consistent to a diet, a routine, or whatever you may struggle with. I watched this unfold in the recent NBA postseason series of the Rockets and Warriors. The “next man up” philosophy trumped any firepower the Rockets could throw at the Dubs. Identify the enemies that hinder your growth and learn how to beat them.

Episode 16 – Just Keep Swinging

Calling all Empire builders – can you say no when you need to? How do you bounce back when you feel like a great opportunity slipped through your fingers? Just. Keep. Swinging. Alignment in your vision is everything. When you understand how powerful this is, you can accelerate your personal and financial growth in a way you never knew was possible.

Episode 15 – Let’s Get Social

Do we even realize how much social media affects our relationships? Christina and I were recently talking about this dynamic and how it was something that didn’t even exist for parents 20 years ago. How could our parents pass on to us knowledge of how to deal with it when it didn’t exist? We’re in uncharted territory for how social media impacts our world. With each platform vying for our time, learn how to escape it’s clutches and be present in every moment, while not missing the positives that our social world does have to offer.

Episode 14 – We Just Can’t Seem to Connect

Has anyone else wondered where God is when you’re needing His input for big life decisions? I’m right there with you. Sometimes we need to take a few steps back and consider what we may have missed in a previous conversation, the answer is usually right in front of us. If you’re a parent this is revealed easily once you hear this example!